6 Reasons to Outsource Your Fleet Washing…Even if You Have Your Own Wash Bay

Posted by Skye Robinson | March 20, 2015 | Newsletter

Semi Truck FleetEven if you have your own wash bay and in-house washers, you might want to consider outsourcing your fleet cleaning for these 6 reasons:

Reason 1: Your trucks and rigs will be cleaner
This is probably one of the best reasons to outsource the washing of your fleet of vehicles, because clean rigs are not only better for your brand (see below), but last longer too. With a regularly scheduled and professional fleet cleaning service, grime is washed away, and not given a chance to build up to become a problem. Green cleaning products are used that are effective yet won’t harm your paint jobs or metal parts. The cleaning becomes part of the maintenance that makes your trucks last.

Reason 2: You save money on equipment and supplies
Do you want to invest in specialized equipment you don’t need every day? How about doing the research to find the environmentally safe and sound cleaning products for cleaning your rigs without damaging them? And a water reclamation system…do you want to shop around for that too? Your answer is probably “no” to all of the above, and for good reason: You have plenty of other mission-critical expenditures to worry about. Hire pros to do the fleet cleaning, and they’ll have all the equipment and supplies needed.

Reason 3: You save money on payroll
Payroll, taxes, benefits, health care, training, insurance…the cost for employees only goes up every year, and then you have the costs of tracking all of those details and making sure all costs are being paid. When you outsource the fleet cleaning, you save a truckload of money because the washing is done by employees on someone else’s payroll.

Reason 4: It’s better for your brand
Because fleet washing is all they do, your vendor will do it better. You’re not in the business of keeping vehicles clean. (If you were, you’d probably own a Fleet Clean franchise!) A fleet cleaning company is in the business of keeping vehicles clean, including yours. They have the supplies, equipment, processes and training required to efficiently and thoroughly wash cars, trucks and other rigs. And that is how you maintain your brand on the road: with clean vehicles that make a positive impression on anyone who sees them.

Reason 5: It frees you up to focus on your business
With everything else on your plate, do you really want to worry about the cleanliness of your vehicles? Really? You probably outsource the cleaning of your office and pay someone else to do the bookkeeping, as just two examples. Keeping trucks clean on a regular schedule is probably another task that can (and should) be outsourced too, so you can keep your focus where it belongs: on maintaining and growing your business.

Reason 6: Your vehicles will last longer
With the right fleet cleaning vendor, your trucks, cars or busses will last longer because the cleaning agents used will be safe (not caustic) and because the grime and even salt that can slowly corrode will be thoroughly washed away. You simply can’t trust in-house staff to do as thorough a job as a company with employees specially trained just to wash commercial vehicles. Nor can you count on your internal team to keep up with a regular washing schedule when they have so many other tasks on their plates.

Businesses outsource plenty of tasks that simply aren’t worth doing in-house. Fleet cleaning is one of them, because it simply makes sense to make sure the vehicles are clean without having to worry about actually doing the work.

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