Annual Inspection Blitz Approaching Quickly

Posted by Kirra Stemmler | June 2, 2016 | blog

Have you been putting off purchasing new tires for your fleet?

Make sure to check your trucks’ tires and replace them if necessary before law enforcement officials get a chance to check them next week.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance holds its annual International Roadcheck June 7-9, and it’s been announced that the inspector’s main focus will be on tire safety.

According to the CVSA, inspectors’ main checkpoints will be as follows:

  • Tire tread depth
  • Tire pressure
  • To make sure no items are lodged between dual tires
  • The overall condition of the tires to ensure there are no deep cuts or bulges in the sidewalls.

Inspectors will conduct full 37-step Level I inspections when stopping trucks.

The annual inspection blitz is an effort by the CVSA, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and law enforcement agencies.



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