Easy Ways to Go Green in 2016

Posted by Skye Robinson | February 23, 2016 | blog, Newsletter

For a few years now, the concept of green marketing has been put forward as a way to differentiate one’s business in the marketplace. And it’s a concept that’s still a viable one, although maybe one you hadn’t considered—but should. Here’s why…

Although Kermit the Frog infamously sang that it’s not easy being green, there are little changes you can make around the office and lot that will make your company more green (and enable green marketing). And going green can mean both more business and lower costs.

Going green can increase sales
Although people won’t necessarily buy from one business over another simply because one business is more environmentally friendly than the other, the “green” aspect can be the factor that tilts the scale in your favor. Think about it: If you’re choosing between two businesses that are very similar with almost identical offerings and prices, you would welcome a differentiator to help you choose, right? That’s what going green can do for your business.

Plus if you’re in the B2B market and serving or selling to another business that has built their branding on green, that business will want to work with vendors that are also environmentally conscious.

Going green can lower costs
One easy way to go green at work or at home is simply to buy less stuff, or at least stuff with less packaging. The term “reduce, reuse, recycle” is a popular one, and the first two words have to do with simply using less.

Perhaps this means you stop using the Keurig at the office and go back to the regular coffee maker with filters made from recycled paper. Maybe it means employees get trained not to print every piece of information but to store data digitally instead. Or it could mean using less toxic cleaning supplies in the public areas. And hey, recycling is practically second nature for many of us now, with curbside pickup more common than ever.

The point is, there are many ways to simply reduce consumption, and all of these add up to being green while lowering expenses.

Going green is doable
You might think that as a fleet manager, there isn’t much you can do to “go green” at work that makes a difference. Not true! Every little bit counts, and you might even get management to consider a line of marketing they hadn’t before! In addition to the easy ideas mentioned above, you as the fleet manager can take a huge step towards being a green business (with green marketing) with one simple change: reclaiming water when washing vehicles.

Let’s face it: Using perfectly good, clean, potable water to wash dirty cars and trucks is downright wasteful. Using a water reclamation system enables you to collect that water and use it again for the next wash.

Maybe a water reclamation system is more than your budget can afford. If that’s the case, you can still go green—by hiring a green fleet washing service like Fleet Clean. We reclaim the water when washing, and we use only biodegradable, environmentally safe cleansers (that are also safer for the paint jobs and decals on your vehicles too).

You can learn more about going green with Fleet Clean here, and make sure you put some of the other easy ideas above to use too…to go green in 2016.

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