Fleet Trucking: Spotlight on Houston, Texas

Posted by Annie | December 29, 2014 | blog
Fleet Trucking- Spotlight on Houston, Texas

The transportation industry continues to grow each year, thanks in part to the fact that fleet trucks deliver everything from clothes and food to furniture and electronics. As of the 2013 census estimate, over two million people call the city of Houston home, and its vast consumer market makes it one of the leading trucking port cities in the United States. In addition, the surrounding area boasts a high number of truck driving schools, enhancing the city’s status as a destination for major trucking companies. There are many perks to being associated with a trucking fleet in Houston, and even more things to know about driving in or through the city and its suburbs. Keep reading to learn more with this spotlight on Houston fleet trucking:

Qualities of Driving in Houston

No matter where you drive, you will be expected to know the area and its surroundings well. For those of us driving in Houston, that means being comfortable with I-10, I-69, and the Sam Houston Tollway. Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States, which means that understanding traffic patterns is a must. The rush hour parameters are fairly standard, but you must always be aware of whether you are heading inbound or outbound at certain times of day. Inbound traffic on I-10, for example, will be the slowest between 6am-9am due to hundreds of commuters.

Houston’s proximity to the Gulf of Mexico makes it an important center for imports. There are many significant fleet truck employers in the area, and numerous benefits to being a fleet driver based in the area. The city’s cost of living is consistently below the national average, and, according to 2013 estimates by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Houston-based truck drivers earn higher pay than the average. Calculations and assessments from May 2013 indicate that the nearly 35,000 heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers in the area earn an average salary of $47,140, while the approximately 14,200 light truck drivers earn $34,340 annually. These numbers mean that living and driving in the Houston area can be more cost-effective and even lucrative than being based elsewhere.

Potential Problems

Fleet trucking in Houston does have its challenges, however. Residents regularly battle the area’s high temperatures and humidity, both of which can cause damage to your truck over time. High temperatures may tamper with your motor oil or battery, for example, while high levels of humidity can affect your engine’s performance.

The weather can also cause dirty trucks, which is more than a cosmetic issue. Mud buildup can cause problems for other drivers, and it could result in your being pulled over by state highway patrol or local officers. Since speeding is hard on fuel efficiency, many truck drivers are actually pulled over for other issues, such as service, code, or log book violations. A serviced, well-maintained truck is much less likely to be pulled over and heavily inspected, so make sure your truck is regularly washed by a professional fleet cleaning service.

Traffic Considerations

Fleet trucking in Houston can be a challenge due to the varying amounts of road traffic and construction. As a major hub, the city is full of industry workers, health care employees, and educators, many of whom commute into the city on a daily basis. In addition, road improvement projects dot the Texas state map at any given time. You can always check highway conditions in advance at www.drivetexas.org, a division of the Texas Department of Transportation website. Road conditions may always change at a moment’s notice, but the Texas DoT resources can help you initially plan your route.

Benefits of Mobile Fleet Washing

Keeping your truck clean is essential for many reasons. A well-kept truck will leave your clients with a good impressionno matter if you are in a parking lot or on the road. Proper mud flaps or safety guards will help keep you from inadvertently damaging other vehicles, and they will also make highway patrol officers less likely to stop your truck for code violations.

The easiest and bestway to keep your truck in good shape is by utilizing a professional fleet cleaning company. Fleet Clean USA has the resources to service small or large truck fleets in the Houston area, with a cost-effective, complete brush cleaning solution. If your company has numerous trucks that need cleaning or you are currently on the road, we can come to you with our pioneering mobile fleet washing vehicles. To get started, simply call 877-477-9274 or fill out the online contact form for a prompt reply.

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