Fleet Washing From the Inside Out: From the Trailer to the Cab

Posted by Skye Robinson | October 20, 2016 | blog, Newsletter

october-2016-services-steering-wheelThis past summer, we talked about just what fleet washing entails, describing the different levels of service (and cleaning) we offer as a guideline for you when you’re comparing mobile fleet washing companies.

This time, let’s talk about some of the other types of services you might want to have offered by your fleet cleaning partner: trailer washouts and cab cleaning. Below are descriptions of these services as offered by Fleet Clean, again as a guideline for you to use when making comparisons between vendors:

Trailer washouts
Our FDA/USDA washout service is probably the most thorough washout you’ll find offered by fleet washing companies. In part, that’s because we take the new Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) rules very seriously, as do you.

To do a trailer washout, we actually take the time to remove the wood from the slats. Then we clean the inside of the trailer using the best possible products to ensure cleanliness and food safety guidelines are being met. We also pay extra attention when cleaning out drain holes and we thoroughly clean all door crevices.

Interior cleaning
Although washing out the trailer and following FSMA guidelines are important, so is keeping the cab clean, because a clean cab can help driver morale and retention! Since different cabs and fleets have different levels of need when it comes to interior cleaning, we have four different packages to choose from, ranging from light cleaning to thorough detailing.

  • Basic: Our basic interior service involves cleaning out trash, vacuuming, wiping down the interior, and washing the inside of the windows. It’s a quick cleanup for a cab that’s only a little dirty.
  • Basic Plus: For this slightly more involved interior cleaning, we do everything as with the Basic package, and we also wipe down the dash and instrument panels.
  • Semi-Detail: When a real clean is needed, the Semi-Detail package gives drivers a fresh, clean cab. We clean the inside, wash the windows, and wipe down all interior surfaces. Plus we hand brush wash the exterior and give it a thorough rinse.
  • Full Detail: Our full detail service entails a complete cleaning of the inside of the vehicles. We do everything described above, plus we use restorative leather products on seats and shampoo the upholstery and carpet.

Deep cleaning of the interior using the TORNADOR
Keeping cabs clean can be good for driver morale but also for driver health, especially when it’s a deep clean and detailing. For this service, which is the most thorough cab cleaning available, we rely on the innovative power of the TORNADOR, a tool used by auto detailers, auctions, body shops and others in the industry. This award-winning device gives us the ability to get those truck cabs extra clean, to cut down on mold, bacteria and other crap that might harm your drivers’ health–plus the cabs just look great too!

When it comes to fleet washing, the interior can be as critical as the exterior, so make sure whichever mobile fleet cleaning vendor you choose has the capability to offer a range of cab cleaning too.


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