Here’s How Fleet Clean Can Help You in the New Year

Posted by Annie | December 31, 2014 | blog
Here’s How Fleet Clean Can Help You in the New Year

Fleet Clean stands for and believes in more than simply keeping trucks and tractor-trailers clean and well maintained. No matter your location, we want to support you in as many ways as possible. This may be through individualized attention, our informative blog posts, or are environmentally friendly practices. Our company’s core standards have never changed; we will always maintain our steadfast attention to detail, commitment to customers, and high-quality results. Keep reading to learn more about Fleet Clean’s company values, as well as our wide range of services.

No One-Size-Fits-All Services

The Fleet Clean staff is friendly and caring, dedicated to giving you the personalized careand attention you deserve. Do your trucks regularly drive through Houston, Texas, or is your fleet based out of Orlando, Florida? Do you haul milk, produce, or pallets of merchandise? If you manage a large fleet of vehicles, you understand that each trailer may have different needs when it comes to maintenance. Various types of residue are often left behind due to retail products on the inside and mud or weather damage on the outside.

If cleaning the trucks yourself in the company wash bay has not proven effective, consider outsourcing to Fleet Clean. Our trained staff and advanced equipment can handle your fleet’s individual needs. This will save you time, money, and supplies in the long run while ensuring your trucks look their very best. We have the resources to manage fleets large or small with well-trained employees, top of the line equipment, and Fleet Clean units dedicated to managing your account. The same crew will handle your trucks each time, meaning you will have consistent service and will not have to waste time explaining things.

We pledge to be on time as scheduled, and we will always pay extra attention to detail. Each truck in your fleet will be hand brush-washed to ensure spotless service. We also offer engine degreasing, aluminum brightening, and full interior detailing.

Open Communication

Having a dedicated crew means that they will become experts in washing and cleaning your fleet to your exact specifications. Our employees will be readily available for answering your questions or responding to your needs. This is because we believe in open communication whether with our clients, employees, or franchisees. Contacting us is simple, and we are committed to resolving your issue within 24 hours. This includes scheduling cleanings, inquiring about other services, discussing bills, and more.

Maintaining High Environmental Standards

If your company is interested in decreasing its impact on the environment, you should know that Fleet Clean is fully committed to environmentally friendly practices. We understand that trucks must burn gasoline and that our company relies on using water to clean vehicles. At the same time, however, we believe in being mindful of the environment and doing what we can to help protect it. Our methods are continuing to become even more efficient, and along the way we are reducing our use of paper and using only products that are environmentally safe. By reclaiming water and reducing our own emissions, we can help support your ecological goals and business practices.

Committed to Safety

Keeping your truck clean will do more than make the hubcaps sparkle. Like it or not, clients, competitors, and other drivers will compare your truck’s exterior to your company’s name and reputation. In addition to protecting your brand name, however, cleaning your truck regularly is just one aspect of overall preventative maintenance. By following a few basic upkeep procedures, you will help ensure the safety of your vehicle, yourself, and those around you. To brush up on federal regulations, consider visiting the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website.

In the meantime, keep your tires properly aired and rotated, and regularly check the working condition of your daytime and nighttime running lights. Although it can be a pain, try to clean your windshield often to maximize your visibility. Schedule regular truck cleanings or trailer washouts but do not hesitate to book an extra cleaning if your vehicle needs it thanks to rough road or weather conditions. Investing in preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid frustration in the future.

Resources and Tips to Keep You Informed

As we enter the New Year, Fleet Clean will continue to research and upload valuable articles to help make your life on the road easier. Our blog topics include preventative maintenance, avoiding unwanted inspections, tips for fuel savings, and area-specific driving considerations, so you are sure to find something useful for yourself or your fleet drivers. Visit our blog and explore the rest of the website for more information, then simply call us at 877-477-9274 or fill out our online contact form for a free job quote.

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