How Technology is Helping Fleet Managers

Posted by Elizabeth Mullins | October 16, 2015 | blog
How Technology is Helping Fleet Managers

A recent survey conducted at the 2015 NAFA Institute and Expo asked Fleet Managers to list their top concerns regarding Fleet Management, and here’s what they had to say;

Over a third (35%) of Fleet Managers identified driver/vehicle safety as their main concern with operating costs and productivity (27% and 22% respectively) following close behind.These days, an increasing number of fleets are utilizing technology tools which have the capability to warn drivers of potential accidents by use of intelligent collision alert systems. These advanced driver monitoring systems implement sophisticated pattern detection to help reveal and address otherwise hidden patterns of potentially dangerous driving behaviors (such as lane departures, improper lane positioning, or following too closely).

Countless Fleet Managers have implemented the use of GPS tracking to improve performance and reduce fuel and maintenance costs. Some modern fleet tracking technologies also have the capability to deliver diagnostic information, which allows Fleet Managers to monitor engine health and in-turn reduce maintenance costs and prolong the lives of their vehicles.

Besides lowering costs, GPS fleet tracking promotes seamless route optimization, which means faster arrival times and happier customers. Other things like speak-to-call technology assists drivers in operating in a more efficient and therefore productive manner.

Here at Fleet Clean, we have developed proprietary software which gives us the ability to track exactly which vehicles have been washed and when. Our team is responsible for providing before and after photos to ensure honest and reliable reporting.

What are the top concerns you face as a Fleet Manager? What technology tools do you find the most helpful? Let us know in the comments or @fleetcleanusa on Twitter!

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