How to Shorten Your Long Fleet Manager To-Do List

Posted by Skye Robinson | June 30, 2016 | blog, Newsletter

June 2016 Services fleet manager to do list pen on paperMaintaining a fleet is a costly endeavor. In addition to the payroll, you have equipment costs, as well as those of maintenance, insurance, fuel, taxes…and that’s just for the vehicles. You also have a facility to manage and that comes with a whole other set of expenses.

Then there are all of your tasks—which make maintaining a fleet a time-consuming endeavor as well. You must budget for all of the expenses like those mentioned above, as well as make sure maintenance stays on schedule—and drivers and delivery too. Fleet managers must be as efficient as can be with routing and staffing, as well as maintenance schedules. Then there’s hiring, training, dealing with personnel issues, appeasing management, maintaining safety standards, and sometimes dealing extreme weather.

That’s a long list, and we only mentioned a few of the many items that are on your plate and to-do list every single day! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could shorten this list?

And you can, by outsourcing some of the items on your to-do list to reputable companies that will get the job done right so you can focus on other tasks.

Why you should outsource your fleet cleaning
Fleet cleaning is definitely one of the tasks you can take off your to-do list by outsourcing it. Hire a reputable mobile truck washing company and know that your vehicles will get a good scrubbing in a timely and efficient manner without you having to do a thing. Imagine:

  • No more scheduling
  • No more manpower dedicated to washing cars or trucks
  • No special equipment needed
  • No worries about water reclamation
  • No payroll spent on fleet washing
  • No shoddy wash jobs
  • No more on your to-do list!

This sounds great, right? The only caveat is the reputable part. When you’re ready to outsource the fleet washing, make sure you hire a company that uses environmentally responsible equipment and cleaning solutions, and that uses hand brushing to protect your paint jobs and decals. And never choose your fleet washing company based on price! At Fleet Clean, we have customers who have come to us after using a cheap fleet washing vendor, and boy, were they sorry. Damage was done to their vehicles and the money they spent on repairs exceeded what they would have spent had they hired a higher quality vendor.

So shorten your to-do list this summer by reaching out to Fleet Clean today.


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