The Importance of Picking a High Quality Fleet Washing Service

Posted by Annie | December 10, 2014 | blog

Fleet washing is an important process that maintains expensive commercial vehicles in good condition, increases their aesthetic appeal and boosts safety on the road. There’s one important fact to keep in mind, however – fleet cleaning services are not created equal.

Some companies in the field adhere to the highest industry standards, giving customers access to the best price to quality ratio. In other instances, companies will do everything possible to bring the price down. Quite often, lower prices also mean inferior cleaning services and possible damage of expensive fleet vehicles.

Picking the right fleet washing professionals is essential for making the most of the opportunity. Here’s a case study illustrating the importance of opting for quality rather than for a cheap offer.

Case Study – Why Quality Matters

Imagine the following scenario – a large fleet owner selects a particular fleet washing service because it seems to offer a great price.

The problem with this particular company is the use of cheap caustic cleaners and acid-based detergents. These happen to be highly corrosive, resulting in serious truck tank damage that’s even visible on the tank exterior.

The stainless steel panels of fleet truck tanks cost approximately 9,000 dollars. Adding the graphics creation and taking downtime in consideration will contribute to losses of approximately 10,000 dollars per truck… and all of that unnecessary high expenditure results from poor fleet cleaning.

This simple example demonstrates just how important the selection of a good service provider is. Everything matters when it comes to washing expensive fleet vehicles – the quality of the detergents, the equipment used in the cleaning process and the qualification of the individuals responsible for fleet cleaning.

Benefits of a High Quality Fleet Cleaning Service

When truck cleaning is performed by experienced professionals, it delivers a number of important benefits.

For a start, professional fleet washing maintains the expensive equipment in top condition. The right detergents and gentle cleaning techniques remove grime, buildup and stubborn stains without causing any damage. Corrosive elements like roadside salt are washed away, which extends the longevity of fleet vehicle parts.

Regular washing makes the maintenance of trucks easier. DIY cleaning or irregular use of professional services will enable dirt to accumulate. As the grime piles on top of the vehicle surfaces, getting rid of it becomes a much more challenging task. Low quality service providers will opt for caustic cleaners, which will potentially cause serious damage.

Finally, professionally cleaned trucks look impeccable. They become a great possibility for mobile marketing, enabling you to increase the popularity of the brand and deliver the message to a captive audience on the road. A beautiful, clean truck will quickly increase the recognition of a particular brand.

How to Choose the Best Fleet Washing Professionals

Take some time to compare service providers and understand what the main differences are. You need to ask various important questions and complete several steps before opting for one truck cleaning service or another.

  • Step 1: check the company’s reputation. How many years has the company been in business? What types of fleet vehicles does this cleaning service provider have experience with? Businesses that have been around for a longer period of time will generally tend to be more reliable. Look for customer reviews and testimonials, as well, because these provide additional information about the quality of the service and the customer experience.
  • Step 2: talk about fleet size. The size of your fleet and the types of vehicles will be determining for the selection of the right cleaning service provider. Some fleet washing companies lack the capacity to work on large vehicles or to service a company that has a big fleet.
  • Step 3: talk about your common travel destinations. Trucks that travel offroad will require a particular type of cleaning service and the ones subjected mainly to urban pollution will need to be handled in a different way.
  • Step 4: assess staff qualification and equipment. Reputable fleet washing companies have well-maintained equipment and properly trained employees. These are two of the most important factors that affect the safety of the procedure and the outcome of the cleaning process. Improperly trained individuals will deliver much lower quality of the service, potentially damaging expensive equipment and fleet vehicle parts.
  • Step 5: examine the types of cleaning products being used. Biodegradable detergents and surfactants designed to reduce environmental hazards will result in green truck cleaning and greener procedures. Many businesses are opting for environmentally-friendly fleet washing that involves water reclamation and no pollution. The best truck washing service providers understand these client considerations and provide green solutions.
  • Step 6: ask for the availability of additional services. Does the company provide mobile washing services? Will they also be capable of taking care of truck tanks? How about the interior of the vehicles? Having access to a vast range of fleet cleaning possibilities will simplify the task of maintaining your vehicles in perfect condition.

A lot rides on the quality of fleet vehicle cleaning service that you choose. There could be dire consequences connected to picking the most frugal solution on the market. Fleet vehicles are quite expensive, which is why you have to make sure they are maintained by well-trained professionals that have access to high quality equipment.

It is up to you to make sure that your trucks and cars are kept in the best possible condition. Find a reliable partner and establish a long-term relationship with that company. Knowing that you’ve chosen the best service providers will give you the chance to enjoy all of the professional fleet washing benefits.

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