Our new service means cleaner cabs and happy hauls!

Posted by Kirra Stemmler | March 9, 2016 | blog

With the driver shortage in America only getting worse, you can’t afford to not take care of your drivers. The easiest way to keep your drivers with your fleet is to keep them happy. However, not everyone can afford to raise their wages and shorten their hours. The good news is; you don’t necessarily have to!

So, how do large companies such as Ryder keep their drivers happy? By keeping them clean. Sitting in a dirty work environment all day not only makes your drivers unhappy, it can make them sick. An unclean cab is breeding grounds for dust, dirt, and mold, which can cause a multitude of health issues, up to and including infections of the lungs. This is especially dangerous for long-haul drivers.

In order to help you keep your drivers healthy and happy, we’re launching a new premium service. Fleet Clean USA® now offers an interior detail service specifically engineered for the cleaning of sleeper cabs.

With this new service, our team will clean the sleeper compartments top to bottom, removing trash, scrubbing the floors, and wiping down the windows. Not only will they clean sleeping compartments, they will clean out the storage too. Of course, as with our already existing top-of-the-line detail service, the driver area gets a flawless cleaning too.

Fleet Clean USA® has been working hand in hand with fleet owners for years, and we know that you’re busy. We also know that drivers won’t always report that something isn’t working right, and that you don’t have the time to inspect each and every cab. Not only will we leave your sleeper cabs spotless, we also keep an extensive checklist on hand and report back to you if something is awry.

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