The Benefits of Spring Cleaning—and Ways to Tackle the Task

Posted by Skye Robinson | March 30, 2016 | blog, Newsletter

March 2016 services spring cleaningSpring is most definitely here, with longer days and nicer weather…and lots of cleaning tasks to tackle. And yes, we mean at work. You might think of spring cleaning as a household project only, but it is just as important to take on this annual ritual as a fleet manager too.

The benefits of spring cleaning
Spring cleaning is a tradition dating back centuries in many different cultures. Do a little research, and you’ll see the reasons range from religious to required. Regardless of the reasons for the tradition, however, the fact is, spring cleaning is good for us, both physically and psychologically.

Physically, spring cleaning can help with allergies by literally cleaning out the dust and grime that builds up during the winter months when buildings, doors and windows tend to be shut tight. Psychologically, spring cleaning is an opportunity to declutter and start fresh.

But for a business, there are even more benefits. First off, there is branding, because you want people pulling into your parking lot to get a good first impression, whether they are potential customers or potential employees. Speaking of employees, spring cleaning is also good for morale. Everyone feels better and more energetic working in a clean and orderly environment! Finally, clean begets clean. We tend to keep clean what is already clean, meaning your investment in spring cleaning should result in everyone trying a little harder to keep the facilities in good shape—including your vehicles!

Tips for tackling spring cleaning at your facility
Knowing every fleet manager has a different situation to deal with, we offer you below some general tips for spring cleaning to (we hope) motivate you to take on this task this spring, creating your own specific task list as you go.

  • Take this annual ritual seriously, and plan to get your facilities sparkling clean. When you have the right attitude about it, you’ll reap even more of the benefits of it!
  • Tackle the big jobs at night or on the weekends, whenever business is slower, so the regular workflow isn’t disrupted.
  • Include the bathrooms and kitchens, and give them particular attention so they get an annual scrubbing since they are oft-used rooms prone to germs and mildew.
  • Include checking inventory and supplies in your spring cleaning tasks. Make note of what’s needed and get rid of what is just taking up space, such as expired materials or things you simply no longer need.
  • Assign employees to declutter everywhere, including shelves and closets. Encourage employees to tackle personal spaces too, such as desk drawers and cupboards. As for files, shred or recycle papers you no longer need.
  • Either get broken items fixed or replace them, tossing what’s unusable. Be ruthless about this. Everything you hang on to “just in case” is one more thing you must find a place for and clean around.

Outsourcing can be a huge help
Don’t think everything has to be done in-house. If you already outsource your fleet cleaning, you know how that takes a load off of your shoulders! Other tasks can be outsourced as well, so make a list and get the professionals scheduled. Your list might include the following but make sure to include tasks specific to your facility too:

  • Carpet cleaning or floor polishing
  • Window washing
  • Pressure washing of buildings or parking lots
  • Concrete cleaning
  • Landscaping
  • HVAC cleaning
  • Roof cleaning (or at least inspecting)
  • Gutter cleaning

Take note of additional tasks and schedule them
As you’re going about the tasks of cleaning and decluttering, make a list of things that need attention or repair, and schedule to get them done during the spring and summer months. These kinds of tasks might include fixing a leaky toilet, repainting the stripes in the parking lot, replacing a cracked window or broken blind, or patching the asphalt in the maintenance bay.

Trying to get everything done at once is only overwhelming. Instead, use this opportunity to simply make the list of things to do, then schedule them over time. That way they’re much more likely to get done. And next year when you tackle the big spring cleaning, you’ll find you have a lot less to tackle!


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