Tips for Cleaning Vehicle Windshields Without Leaving Streaks

Posted by Annie | December 5, 2014 | blog
Tips for Cleaning Vehicle Windshields Without Leaving Streaks

Keeping the windshields of your fleet vehicles in impeccable condition will give drivers the best possible visibility. Mobile fleet wash professionals know how to clean car and truck windows without leaving streaks, which is why relying on professional assistance is one of the best options.

When drivers are on the road, however, they’ll need to take care of windshield cleanliness on their own. The following tips are simple and easy to follow, resulting in spotless windshields with no streaks.

Cleaning the Outside of the Windshield

To do nearly professional fleet windshield cleaning, you’ll have to purchase a good cleaner and you’ll also need the correct towel that will leave no streaks behind. The products that are either alcohol or detergent-based are the ones that will leave streaks on fleet vehicle windshields.

The market features numerous products that are especially formulated for use on glass. These are the ones that will deliver the best cleaning results.

In terms of towels, avoid buying anything that is paper-based. Towels made of old t-shirts are another bad idea. Lint-free microfiber towels are the best variety because they’ll leave nothing behind. Make sure that the particular variety you’ve selected is highly absorbent.

The actual cleaning procedure is simple, once you get all of the necessary supplies. The main steps you’ll need to follow are:

  • Park the fleet vehicle in a shady place. Make sure that the windshield is cool before getting started.
  • If the cleaning solution needs to be diluted, use distilled water. Tap water could contain minerals and contaminants that will leave streaks on the glass, even if you follow the cleaning procedure to a T.
  • Don’t spray the cleaning solution on the glass. Most of it will be lost in the air. Spray on a towel and wipe the windshield with it. Make sure that the entire surface of the windshield comes in contact with the towel.
  • Wipe the glass with a clean towel. The cleaning solution should have softened all the dirt and grime accumulated on the outside of your windshield. You can now use a clean microfiber towel to wipe all the dirt away.

You could be facing a couple of difficult to clean spots, for which you’ll need to follow a slightly different procedure. An all-purpose cleaner is best for bugs and bird droppings. Leave the cleaner on for a couple of minutes to soften the grime and wipe clean with a towel. If you have adhesive traces from an old sticker, you can apply a bit of white vinegar to the area. Let it act for a couple of minutes and clean the adhesive residue.

Cleaning the Inside of the Windshield

If you benefit from the services of a professional mobile fleet wash team, you know that windshield cleaning should focus on both the interior and the exterior. Cleaning the inside of the windshield, however, is a step that many drivers omit.

You’ll once again need the right kind of cleaner designed for automobile glass and at least four highly absorbent microfiber towels. If you’re cleaning the entire interior of the fleet vehicle, leave the windshield for last. Otherwise, you may get droplets of other cleaning solutions on your perfectly clean glass.

Use a dry towel to wipe the inside of your fleet vehicle’s windshield. This procedure will remove most of the dust that could have accumulated. You’ll find it much easier to clean the glass after this procedure.

Spray some of the cleaning solution on a microfiber towel and wipe the entire inner surface. Use circular motions and put emphasis on the corners and the edges. A lot of the dirt accumulates there.

For best results, clean half of the windshield first and move to the second half afterward. If you notice that the microfiber towel you’re using has gotten too dirty, you’ll need to replace it with a clean one for the other part of the windshield.

These tips will be sufficient to have streak-free fleet vehicle windshields throughout the journey. Relying on professional mobile fleet wash before each trip, however, is the best opportunity for keeping your vehicle glasses in perfect condition and preventing dirt from accumulating.

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