Unsafe Tank Trailers Legally Require Repairs

Posted by Kirra Stemmler | May 16, 2016 | blog

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has issued a safety advisory for cargo tanks. Trailers Y Tanques De Aluminio (TYTAL) manufactures the affected cargo tanks.

The cargo tanks in question have been found to have insufficient accident damage protection, and some have inadequate venting capacity of pressure release systems.

Affected tanks (USDOT No. 2164338, CT-12407) have a capacity of 8,400 gallons, 8,717 gallons, and 10,500 gallons. These cargo tanks are primarily used for the transportation of petroleum crude oil, and according to the FMCSA, are not in compliance with federal hazardous materials regulations.

These tanks must be repaired and retested before being used in HAZMAT service, regardless of previous tests and inspections. Owners and operators found using the tanks in question before repair and retesting will be subject to immediate enforcement and fines, according to FMCSA.

TYTAL declared to FMCSA that they have informed their customers of these issues and that they have begun repairing their tanks free of charge. Distributors, owners, and operators are highly encouraged to contact TYTAL to schedule their repairs; email at customerservice@tytal.com.mx or call 011-52-828-269-0030

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