Why Winter Grime Presents a Threat to Your Fleet…and What to Do About It

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January 2016 services snow sceneSnow is a funny thing. It makes everything look clean and pure and lovely and pristine…until it starts to melt. Then everything turns into a slushy, muddy mess…including your fleet. And if your vehicles are where they should be—out on the road—they are even filthier as a result of the snow, wet and mud that’s spraying up from the road and the tires of other cars.

Winter or not, that grime has got to go.

The weather outside might be frightful and the idea of putting off fleet cleaning until spring delightful, but your vehicles must be kept clean no matter the time of year. Your branding depends on it. Whether your fleet is on the road in January or June, a clean vehicle makes a good brand impression. A dirty vehicle makes a bad one…and there’s no way around that. Even if the consumer doesn’t recognize the bad impression consciously, the idea that your brand is associated with dirt will get into their head and stay there. And you know the saying about getting a second chance to make a first impression…

Besides branding, don’t you want your vehicle and driver returning safely to the lot at the end of each shift? A dirty vehicle is a dangerous vehicle, because the headlights are dimmed, the mirrors are muddy, and the windshield is dirty, all of which reduces visibility on dark winter days. If your driver changed lanes and hit a car because the side mirror was too dirty to show that car in the left-hand lane, it’s an accident that could have been prevented with some routine winter cleaning.

And then there’s the long-term damage done by the short-term weather. Sure, winter only lasts a few months, but the damage caused by salt can do permanent damage to metal and even paint. Damaged paint means a damaged brand, and damaged metal means corrosion down the road (pun intended).

Keeping vehicles clean is hard enough when you’re battling winter grime. But the cold, wet weather and short, dark days make it an even bigger challenge. How are you supposed to wash trucks or cars when temperatures are below freezing and the daylight hours are limited? Harder still is sticking to some kind of schedule when winter weather goes a little wonky and you don’t know what the next day or week will bring!

Hiring a fleet cleaning service to keep your fleet grime-free is one way to overcome the challenges presented by winter weather and dark days. A professional fleet cleaning company won’t be deterred by inclement weather. And even if your staff can handle the winter washes some of the time, having a professional fleet cleaning service scheduled for periodic thorough washings will keep your brand shining brightly, your maintenance on track, your trucks on the road, and your drivers safe.


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