Your Brand on Wheels: How Does It Stack Up?

Posted by Skye Robinson | June 18, 2015 | Newsletter

Mobile marketing—That’s essentially what your fleet vehicles are. They are your brand on wheels, quite literally, akin to big billboards rolling down the roads and advertising your business. Are they upholding your brand? Or damaging it?

The answer depends in large part on the cleanliness of your fleet vehicles. A clean truck or car makes a good impression. A dirty one makes a bad impression—and one you can’t easily undo.

The connection between perception and reality
The impressions made by your fleet might have more impact than you think. Have you ever walked into a restaurant and questioned your decision to eat there because it wasn’t quite clean? That restaurant could have the absolute best food in the world, but if the floor is grimy, the tables aren’t cleared, or the wait staff looks disheveled, you won’t taste the food for what it is. Your taste buds will be tainted by the first impression the restaurant made on you.

We make these kinds of snap judgments all of the time without even realizing we’re doing so. That means the muddy wheels, dull chrome and grimy signage of your vehicles is all working together to tell a story about your brand, and it’s not a pretty one.

And maintaining a consistent brand is crucial too. Anything that causes a disconnect between what a brand promises and what a consumer sees creates distrust in the mind of the consumer. All of the effort that went into crafting your mission statement, designing your logo, and guiding your employees must go into maintaining your brand on wheels as well.

If you’re not worried about the impression you’re making on potential customers because you don’t think they’re likely to see your rigs, consider the nine other sets of eyes that are judging the exterior condition of your vehicles.

Choose to make a good brand impression
Your fleet is going to be out on the roads, cruising highways and traveling through city streets. You control the impression your rigs make while they’re out there. Keep your fleet clean so all people see is shiny mirrors, wheels, chrome and signage, and you’re making a positive brand impression every single time.

You can keep your fleet clean either by doing so in-house or by hiring a reputable fleet cleaning service. To ensure the best possible results from your fleet cleaning, follow these three tips:

  • Keep up with it. Grime builds up over time, making it even harder to get and keep rigs clean. In addition, materials like road salts cause corrosion when not washed away. Schedule regular cleaning rather than wait for the vehicles to look dirty.
  • Avoid caustic cleaners and acid-based detergents. They might seem to do a great job at getting rid of grime, but they also damage stainless steel and signage, which will make your trucks look even grungier.
  • Don’t go for cheap when outsourcing fleet cleaning. You get what you pay for. You’ve invested in your brand. Now invest in your fleet cleaning!

Two other big benefits to a clean fleet
Keep your fleet clean and you’ll reap other benefits too, beyond a good brand impression. Fleet managers find that clean rigs make for happy employees who take more pride in their work and keep the insides of the vehicles cleaner. As an added bonus, keeping fleets clean also decreases the chance of a DOT inspection.

It’s your brand on wheels. Is it working for you?


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