4 Tips for Reducing Fleet Manager Stress During the Hectic Holidays

Posted by Skye Robinson | November 23, 2015 | Newsletter

november services holiday starLet’s just admit it, okay? The holidays are stressful. Period. There’s the pressure to shop, the increased expenses, and the crowded stores—not to mention the crazy crowded parking lots! Calendars fill up with kids’ school functions, grownups’ social functions, and extra church or synagogue activities.

When you’re a fleet manager, you get even more additional stress during this busy time of year. It’s just the nature of the job. You’ll probably have drivers wanting extra time off (or particular days off). On the other hand, you’ll probably have drivers with additional routes to cover making you short staffed. Supplies are typically low in supply yet high in demand at this time of year. And to add to all of the fun, all of your drivers are probably extra stressed due to holiday pressures too!

What’s a fleet manager to do? Take a deep breath. No, seriously, take a deep breath. Take a long, slow breath in, and let it out just as slowly.

Now, let’s talk stress…

Tips for less stress during the holidays
The first step we have to take when managing this stress is to simply accept that the holiday season is going to happen whether we like it or not. Even if we take the path of Ebenezer Scrooge in his mean days and avoid all festivities, the season will take a toll on us. So, we accept that there’s nothing we can do about that. (This would be another good time to take a deep breath…in….out…good job!)

But we’re not at the mercy of this hectic hubbub. We can take steps to manage it better and decrease its effect on us. So let’s go over some easy ways to decrease your fleet-manager stress level during the course of these few weeks. Don’t worry; we’re not suggesting meditation or yoga. These are just some commonsense ways you can take simple steps to manage stress better during the holidays.

  1. Make sure to get enough sleep.
    When we don’t get enough sleep, it impacts every area of our lives. We eat poorly, we’re grumpy, our judgment is affected…and it tends to be cyclical, with lack of sleep leading to more caffeine leading to less sleep, etc.
  2. Try to get some sunlight, even during the shorter days of winter.
    Depending on where you live in the country, you might hardly ever see the sun or it might make its presence known every day. Whatever your situation, try to get a little of it by getting outside. Sunlight has proven health benefits, and one of them is improving our moods!
  3. Get even the tiniest bit of exercise.
    Chances are, skipping your trips to the gym becomes the norm during the holidays, as other things crowd their way onto your calendar. Even if you’re not making time for the treadmill, take some time to do something. It might only be a 15-minute walk around the parking lot, but it will benefit you immensely to get out and get moving. Plus, you might get some of that sunlight mentioned in the tip above!
  4. Prioritize.
    Admittedly, prioritizing might be the hardest thing to do when pressures mount. In part, it’s hard because it involves saying “no.” And it in part it’s hard because it requires self discipline just when external situations are demanding more of you. If you can prioritize your tasks and time, however, you’ll make sure the most important things do get done, and that will go a long way toward reducing your stress—at any time of the year.

Of course, there’s one more stress reducer we can’t help but mention as a fleet cleaning company: Outsource your fleet cleaning. Take that task off of your list by hiring a reputable and reliable fleet washing company like Fleet Clean, and you’ll free up your calendar and your task list for many more important things…like that holiday party you’re supposed to attend that you totally forgot about.


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