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Did you know that there are two pathways to becoming a Franchise Owner at Fleet Clean? These two pathways offer flexibility and opportunities for individuals with different backgrounds and resources, making it easier for aspiring franchise owners to join the Fleet Clean family.

Traditional Franchising

Traditional franchising is a well-established pathway to ownership. Purchasing a Fleet Clean franchise, provides you with the rights to operate under our nationwide, established brand and business model. This option is ideal for entrepreneurs who will receive training, support, and access to our Fleet Clean corporate team, making for a systematic way to get started in the mobile truck washing industry.

Manage to Own Program

The Manage to Own Program is an innovative approach for those who might not have the initial capital but possess the drive and dedication to succeed. This program allows you to start as a manager in an existing Fleet Clean franchise location, to gain hands-on experience and build your expertise in the business, which over time, provides an opportunity to transition into franchise ownership. It's a unique path that combines learning on the job with the potential for future entrepreneurship.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Fleet Clean is to be an excellent company every day of the year. Fleet Clean believes in the traditional values of building trust in our relationships and holding true to our word; whether with our employees, franchisees, vendors or our customers we believe in treating each individual like family. The attention to detail we put into each vehicle wash is the focus we give to everything we do. We measure quality with our own yardstick. Even though we are old-fashioned in our relationships, we are cutting edge in the way we do things, employing innovative technology to simplify processes, operating with ever-increasing efficiency. Fleet Clean is committed to helping the world we love by reducing our use of paper, reclaiming water, reducing our emissions, and using only environmentally safe products.

Our Values

Rooted in core values that guide our excellence.

At Fleet Clean, we specialize in exceeding your expectations. As a national franchise mobile truck washing company, our mission is clear: to prioritize your needs, maintain the utmost structural integrity, and provide unparalled quality and customer service. With confidence and dedication, we deliver excellence in mobile truck washing. Discover the difference with Fleet Clean today.


At Fleet Clean, we understand that every fleet is unique. That's why we offer a Customized Wash Program that puts you in control. Tailored to your specific needs, this program allows you to design a washing schedule, select the services you require, and set the frequency that suits your operation best.

Hassle Free

At Fleet Clean, we believe in simplifying your life. That's why we offer a hassle-free service experience for our customers. From scheduling to completion, we take care of everything, so you don't have to worry.

Local Expertise

With over five decades of experience in the industry, our brand provides unwavering support and guidance to franchisees. Our proven track record, comprehensive training, and ongoing guidance ensure a strong local owner in each market.