What Does Uber Freight Mean for Fleet Managers?

Posted by Skye Robinson | May 23, 2017 | blog, Newsletter

Those outside of the trucking industry might think it’s an industry that’s slow to adapt and change. And who could blame them? What’s innovative about seeing a semi driving down the freeway? However, moving freight is a big business, and—as with any big business—is always evolving as people seek to make it more efficient and therefore profitable.

So the world of the fleet manager is going through some change. You have the Internet of Things, the ELD mandate, self-driving trucks, and now Uber, as in Uber Freight. Not that Uber Freight is uniquely new. According to <Zvi Schreiber, CEO of Freightos, this is not a revolution but an evolution. What’s new about Uber Freight is not the idea behind it, but rather the size of the investment and the potential:

What is new is Uber-for-freight technology backed by this magnitude of capital and with the promise of infrastructure. There’s a huge potential for vastly lower-priced (and more efficient) autonomous trucks, as well as autonomous cargo planes.

The autonomous component does introduce a fundamental industry shift.

According to the Uber Freight blog, “Uber Freight aims to empower truck drivers and small trucking companies to run and grow their business.” Uber Freight promises to take the guesswork out of finding and booking freight, speed up payments, and even pay for time wasted when things don’t go as planned.

What does all of this (potentially) mean for you as the fleet manager? Probably nothing…yet. However, if it becomes more desirable for a truck driver to be freelancing rather than employed by your business, it might make it even harder for you to recruit and retain good drivers. Which brings us back to the recurring theme of keeping your drivers happy with their jobs.

Below are three popular posts to help you do just that. Give them a read, and see if you can’t take steps now to earn some driver loyalty…before the Uber Freight app ends up on their smart phones and they start tapping away:


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