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Welcome to Fleet Clean of Richmond!

Serving the area since 2014, Fleet Clean of Richmond is your premier choice for mobile truck washing services in Richmond, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, Petersburg, and beyond. We are dedicated to building customized wash programs and providing customer-focused service that exceeds expectations.

At Fleet Clean of Richmond, we understand the importance of meeting customer needs. Our team works closely with you, thinking alongside you to create comprehensive solutions. We value the relationship with our customers, knowing the significance of a lifetime customer.

Discover why Fleet Clean of Richmond has been the trusted name for mobile truck washing in the region since 2014. With our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we ensure that your fleet maintains a pristine appearance that positively reflects on your business.

Experience the difference with Fleet Clean of Richmond - where customer-focused service meets tailored solutions for your fleet.

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Richard Dillow
Richard Dillow
Franchise Owner

Meet Richard

Meet Richard and Tina Dillow, the dynamic duo and franchise owners of Fleet Clean in Richmond and Roanoke, VA. Richard's journey with Fleet Clean began in September 2017 when he started as a truck washer. His hard work and dedication quickly earned him a promotion to a leadership role, showcasing his exceptional skills and commitment to excellence.

In May 2018, Richard and Tina took a significant leap by acquiring the Roanoke franchise, followed closely by the purchase of the Richmond franchise in October of the same year. This bold move marked the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey together.

Both Richard and Tina have deep roots in the Virginia area. Richard made the move to Roanoke from Bluefield, WV in 2010, while Tina relocated from Metro Detroit, MI during the same year. Fate brought them together, and they were married in 2018, forming a powerful partnership in both life and business.

Together, Richard and Tina share a total of five children, blending their families into a harmonious and supportive unit. Their dedication to each other and their shared entrepreneurial spirit are the driving forces behind their success in the mobile washing industry.

As franchise owners, Richard and Tina lead with passion and a commitment to delivering top-notch service to their clients in Richmond and Roanoke. Their story is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and the pursuit of entrepreneurial dreams.

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Our Services

Exterior Washing Truck & Trailer
Truck & Trailer

Exterior Washing

At Fleet Clean, we take pride in our exterior washing service, providing you with a customized program tailored to meet your unique needs. Our goal is to ensure that every fleet stays consistently clean. Our dedicated team will soap, brush, and rinse each vehicle, guaranteeing the removal of all lingering dirt and grime. We highly recommend this service if you are seeking a regular maintenance schedule for your fleet.

Interior Cleaning Tractor & Truck Cab
Tractor & Truck Cab

Interior Cleaning

At Fleet Clean, our interior washout service provides a comprehensive cleaning for the cargo area of your vehicles, including trailers, box trucks, and cargo vans. We excel at delivering impeccable cleanliness to the interior cargo space. This service comes highly recommended for food delivery providers with a need for regular maintenance. In addition to our standard offerings, sanitary washouts are available upon request. This service can be seamlessly integrated with our exterior wash service and fully customized to create a program that perfectly aligns with the unique needs of your business.

Trailer Washout Clean & Safe
Clean & Safe

Trailer Washout

At Fleet Clean, we offer cleaning services for the cabs of vehicles. This service is strictly customized to meet each of your exact needs. Our Fleet Clean team attentively listens to our customers' requests and will craft a service that perfectly aligns with the requirements of your business. Our range of services can encompass cleaning the interior windows, floorboard, and dashboard, among other options. If you require a more comprehensive cleaning or have specific requests, please don't hesitate to inform us - we're committed to delivering a fully customized program for you. This service can be seamlessly performed in conjunction with regular scheduled frequency exterior washing or scheduled on a less frequent basis, offering flexibility to suit your preferences.

Industrial Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

Our industrial pressure washing service is highly effective for cleaning various surfaces, including sidewalks, parking areas, dock doors, compactor pads, and more. We utilize advanced techniques and equipment to ensure thorough cleaning and removal of tough stains, grime, and debris. Trust us to restore the cleanliness and safety of your Virginia industrial facilities with our expert pressure washing solutions offered to Richmond and the surrounding area.

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Why Fleet Clean?


Fleet Clean holds the forefront in technology, pioneering advancements that optimize our services. With cutting-edge solutions, such as a wastewater recovery and paperless billing we enhance efficency and quality, solidifying our position as the industry leader in technological innovation.


Fleet Clean leads the way in communication, setting industry standards with clear and effective client interactions. Our commitment to transparent and responsive communication ensures your needs are met with precision and care, making us the leader in this vital aspect of our service.

Local Expertise

At Fleet Clean, we deliver exceptional service with a personal, local touch. Our dedicated local franchise teams are always there to meet your needs, ensuring prompt service. Each franchise is locally owned and backed by a nationwide network and a 50-year-old brand.

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Richard Dillow
Richard Dillow
Franchise Owner